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Declan Coogan
Child to Parent Violence- Challenging Perspectives and New Approaches to Family Violence
Workshop at the 8th International Congress of the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
Queens University Belfast
Workshop chair
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Objectives To broaden discussions and increase awareness about violence and abuse in families by examining the use of violence by children and young people at home towards parents. Exploring and responding to child-to-parent violence in practice raises a variety of dilemmas and questions for clinicians and practitioners, some of which will be explored during the workshop. The potential for the adaptation in Ireland and United Kingdom contexts of the innovative Non Violent Resistance (NVR) approach to working with parents who have been abused by their children will be considered from agency and practitioner perspectives. Method The proposed workshop will focus on a review of the research (esp. Weinblatt & Omer 2008) and clinical practice papers on Non-Violent Resistance and on practice examples introduced by the facilitator and by delegates. Reference will be made to the “Tackling Violence at Home” Strategy (DHSSPS 2005) in Northern Ireland and the “National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence 2010-2014” (Cosc 2010) in the Republic of Ireland in relation to policy and practice guidance on child-to-parent violence. Results Delegates will be introduced to the potential for practice and policy development offered by a new approach to working with families where child to parent violence takes place. Conclusions Case examples will be shared and delegates will be invited to take part in discussions about how best to respond to this emerging issue in policy and practice. The uncertainty faced by policy makers, researchers and particularly practitioners in relation to developing effective responses to this under-recognised form of family violence will be addressed and innovative models of practice will be explored.
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