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Trends Seminar in Biotechnology Series - From research to application: Novel technologies for resource recovery from biomass and organic residues
The development of novel biotechnological platforms, specifically designed to produce valuable biofuels from organic waste residues are essential for Ireland and the EU to transform the economy from one heavily reliant on imported fossil fuels to a more indigenous low carbon economy, centred on energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart networks. Such platforms will be developed in the SFI Research Professorship “Innovative Energy Technologies for Biofuels, Bioenergy and a Sustainable Irish Bioeconomy”, awarded to Prof. Piet Lens at National University Ireland Galway. Novel and disruptive bioenergy production technologies will be developed by predictive modelling and adaptive process control of the anaerobic digestion of organic matter. The work plan involves three approaches: i) anaerobic digestion for enhanced methane production and direct grid injection; ii) steering the anaerobic degradation of organic matter towards diversification of the biofuel mix, including biohydrogen, bio
Orbsen Building, NUIG
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