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King, C., Rossetti, J., Smith, T., Raison, M.,Gallegos, D., Gorman, R., Moscatel, S., Smyth, S, & Watson, J.
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services
The Effects of a Mindfulness Activity on Nursing Service Staff Perceptions of Caring Behavior in the Workplace
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Research on caring in nurse-to-nurse relationships is not extensive, but studies have shown that health care workers can experience incivility in the workplace and unhealthy relationships can increase stress and influence nurse retention. The current study examined nurse perceptions of caring in the workplace and the effect of a mindfulness activity. A mixed method design was used, and data were collected on 164 nursing staff members after a 1-minute mindfulness activity. Pre- and post-survey growth in caring behavior indicated a statistically significant positive effect for the treatment group. Qualitative reports showed that after completing a mindfulness activity, staff members were more focused, and willing to set a good example, off er help to others, and encourage a positive overall work environment. Mindfulness activities can improve nurse-to-nurse caring and reduce incivility in the workplace.
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