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Dezhoung Duan Debin Du Seamus Grimes
Growth And Change
The faster the better? Economic effects of the speed of inter‐city technology transfer in China
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technology transfer China inter-city
Although existing studies questioned the simple positive correlation between the technology transfer speed and the benefits, they have been widely condemned for lacking em-pirical evidence. Using the patent transfer data at the city scale in China, and distinguishing fast from slow by divid-ing technology transfer speed into four levels, this paper attempts to answer the question in terms of city economic growth, which is whether the faster is the better. Panel re-gression results show that for economic growth of city, the speed of technology transfer does not mean that faster is better. In other words, technology transfer maintaining a relatively rapid speed (more than 1 year and less than 2 years) can promote city economic growth, although the evidence is weak.
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