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Mullins, L. & Hodgins, M.
Journal of social care
"The day is long you know?": Older people's voices on their homecare experiences in Ireland
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Homecare, older people, home-help
The population of people aged over 65 years in Ireland is increasing, creating an expanding homecare market with over 60,000 older people in receipt of homecare in 2015. Yet lack of regulation and legislation within the homecare market in Ireland causes unpredictability in service provision, while lack of research further compounds the issue of inconsistency in homecare services. Adopting a qualitative methodology, 14 older people in receipt of homecare and two family members of recipients were interviewed for this study. Two focus groups with older people in the community were also undertaken. Findings suggest that participants were largely satisfied with the homecare they received and value the social contact this provides. Fear and hesitation in relation to retaining the service appeared evident from the data collected. Older people in receipt of homecare place profound value on the relationship they develop with their homecare worker and this relationship largely dictates their level of satisfaction with the service.
David Williams and Fiona McSweeney
Dublin Institute of Technology
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy