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Murtagh, A., Farrell, M., Conway, S., Mahon, M., McDonagh, J.
EUGEO/Conference of Irish Geographers 2019
Session title: Approaches to European rural development: Looking towards 2021
NUI Galway
Co-chaired Session
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The new rural development paradigm highlights the need for rural areas to diversify and modernise by developing a variety of industry sectors, exploiting local assets and previously unused resources (OECD, 2014). Linking this paradigm to an endogenous rural development approach, it recognises the importance of exogenous factors but also advocates a focus on local resources to increase value capture and resilience, while also enabling local people to direct their region’s future (Van der Ploeg and Long, 1994; Stimson et al., 2011). However, some have also argued that multiple development trajectories can be appropriate in rural contexts combining for example endogenous and exogenous approaches (Galdeano-Gómez, Aznar-Sánchez and Pérez-Mesa, 2010). Alongside this, we are now in a period of consultation on proposals for the future of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the next phase of the Rural Development Programme between 2021 and 2027. Initial proposals indicate member states will have greater flexibility around design of programmes but alongside shifts towards greater use of knowledge, innovation, digitisation, greater focus on environment and climate measures and changing approaches such as the multi-actor approach and results-based payments. In this context, it is timely to reflect on rural development measures under pillar two of the CAP 2014 to 2020, as well as reflect more widely on different approaches to rural development in the European context. This session aims to critically examine specific rural development policy measures, initiatives and wider approaches reflecting on the evolution of approaches alongside more nuanced methods, theories and trends. Empirical, theoretical and policy-focused papers are welcome. Papers are particularly welcome that engage with approaches, initiatives and measures part of the 2014 to 2020 EU Rural Development Programme reflecting on what can be learned from its implementation for the next programme, to help ensure the survival, continuity and future prosperity of the agri-food industry and broader sustainability of rural society throughout Ireland and the wider European community. Papers are invited that address the following, but are not limited to examination of: • The LEADER approach applied in different thematic areas e.g. rural tourism, enterprise development, social inclusion • Wider EU policy measures and initiatives relating to for example areas such as Smart Villages, EIP-AGRI (the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability), Generational Renewal or Agri-Environment • The relational approach for example exploring the rural-urban interface or the impact of particular processes such as globalisation, political or cultural change • Other, wider approaches to rural development e.g. spatial, sectoral, exogenous, endogenous, neo-endogenous • Rural diversification and the role of nascent sectors such as the bio-economy or the knowledge economy
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