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Conway, S., Farrell, M., Murtagh, A., McDonagh, J., Mahon, M.
EUGEO/Conference of Irish Geographers 2019
Session title: Enlightening generational renewal in agricultural policy: A roadmap for CAP post-2020
NUI Galway
Co-chaired Session
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Current European policy is focused on the mantra that the survival, continuity and future prosperity of the agricultural sector ultimately depends on an age-diverse farming population (European Commission, 2012; Conway et al., 2018). Operationalising such policy however, is impeded by the successful intergenerational transfer of the family farm; an issue currently viewed as one of the greatest challenges facing the sustainability of the agricultural sector and rural society, not only in Ireland but also across Europe and beyond. The impending economic and social implications of this occurrence, demands a higher level of investigation into the various aspects associated with generational renewal, including issues of succession and inheritance for the older generation; young farmers, both male and female and new entrants into farming. In fact, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, recently highlighted that a priority for future CAP reforms must focus on generational renewal (European Commission, 2017). As a result, early signals from the European Commission are pointing towards generational renewal being one of the priorities of CAP post 2020. This session aims to focus on the appropriateness and suitability of existing EU Rural Development Programme measures aimed at attracting and retaining young farmers in the agricultural sector. Consideration also needs to be given to whether such generational renewal policies give proper and due consideration to the senior generation’s attachment to their farm and occupation in later life, and how painful it is for many to ‘let go’. Empirical, theoretical and policy-focused papers are welcome. Papers are particularly welcome that look beyond financial incentives to explore alternative and novel methods of stimulating and enticing this complex phenomenon. Papers are invited that address the following, but are not limited to examination of: • Identifying how various Rural Development Programme (RDP) Measures could be more effectively implemented and delivered to address the European demographic trend of an ageing farming population and low levels of land mobility. • The social and emotional issues affecting farm succession and retirement. • Challenges and opportunities facing new entrants into farming. • The gender issues surrounding family farm transfer
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