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Conaty, F. J.
COST/NUIG/UL - International Workshop of Complex Systems
The Performance Management Challenges of Complex Non-Profit (NPO)/Public Sector Hybrid Organisations
Galway, Ireland
International Refereed Conference
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Performance management in the public sector and in non-profit organisations (NPOs) has been widely examined, however, hybrid organisations, such as NPO/Public Sector collaborations, with a complex mix of stakeholders and organisational characteristics have not received the same attention. The utilisation of NPO/Public Sector hybrid organisations in the provision of public services is on the increase; consequently, the implications for performance management of the stakeholder and organisational architecture of such hybrids need to be understood. From a preliminary case study of one such NPO/Public Sector collaboration, complex inter-stakeholder relationships are mapped. It is suggested that inter-stakeholder relationship dynamics is central to performance management in these settings. Further, key organisational characteristics/attributes fundamental to the understanding of such dynamics are identified for further research.
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