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Jaksic, V,Kennedy, CR,Grogan, DM,Leen, SB,Bradaigh, CMO,Davies, P,Rajapakse, YDS
Iutam Symposium On Micromechanics Of Plasticity And Damage Of Multiphase Materials
Influence of Composite Fatigue Properties on Marine Tidal Turbine Blade Design
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Composites Marine environment Fatigue properties Tidal turbine blades Design HYDRODYNAMIC PERFORMANCE POWER
The structural design of marine tidal turbine blades is governed by the hydrodynamic shape of the aerofoil, extreme loadings and composite material mechanical properties. The design of the aerofoil, chord and twist distribution along the blade is generated to optimise turbine performance over its life time. Structural design gives the optimal layout of composite laminae such that ultimate strength and buckling resistance requirements are satisfied. Most structural design approaches consider only extreme static loads, with a lack of dynamic load-based fatigue design for tidal blades. Approaches for tidal turbine blade design based on dry and immersed composite material fatigue life are studied.
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