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Khoo S.
Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference 2019 'Connecting Sociologies'
Public Sociology or Educating for Democracy?
NUI Galway
National Refereed Conference Paper
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This paper engages with the possibility of an Other sociology, exploring tensions between public sociology and sociological education. Public sociology demands a connection to publics that are possibly antagonistic to neoliberalism (Burawoy 2006). Teaching sociology is oriented towards the development of thinking, imagining subjects, via experiences of sociological education that refuse neoliberal-managerial attempts to ‘fix’ and ‘learnify’ higher education. This perspective engages a ‘non-egological’, de-centred (‘eccentric’) education, as an alternative to learner-centred or curriculum centred perspectives. ‘Education’ is different from ‘learning’, by being concerned with peoples’ entanglement with reality and the facilitation of ‘world-centred’ democracy (Biesta 2016). I discuss the potential of ‘decolonizing’ sociology curriculum, as something that offers ‘world-centred’ ways of meeting the world and meeting ourselves in relation to the world (Khoo 2017, Bhambra 2014). We can understand sociological education as democratic work towards transforming individual desires into what is collectively desirable (Andreotti 2016). Freed from the compulsion of learning, education is recovered as ‘a special place that is not the same as society’, that is out of place, and ‘free’ time - the time we give to the next generation to practice and figure out what it means to live in the world.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context