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Khoo S.
Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference 2019 'Connecting Sociologies'
Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference 2019 'Connecting Sociologies'
NUI Galway
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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Irish society can be said to be globally ‘connected’ in many ways – technologically, economically, culturally and historically, but how connected is the Irish sociological imagination? Undoubtedly, migration, diaspora and more millennial narratives of ‘global Irishness’ are all central themes, but there are many more ways to think about ‘connection’. The 2019 Annual Conference will open up opportunities to debate, think through and share research, reflections, commitments and concerns about the content of sociology and its connectedness or disconnectedness, but also the types of connections that sociology makes to other disciplines and practices, to different social realities, experiences, communities, persons, narratives and practices. This annual meeting will offer stimulating opportunities to engage in conversations concerning what sociology is for and who it is about, and to find ways to articulate and speak about the state of sociology and the currently very challenging wider contexts of higher education, research, teaching transformations, the political and policy contexts and engagement with different publics.
Sociological Association of Ireland
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context