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Khoo S.
Open Educational Resources 2019
Openings: Bounded inequities, entangled lives
NUI Galway
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This address proceeds in six movements. The introduction offers the theme for reflection, a counterpoint of two motifs – of opening and boundedness as double-binds and entanglement. The second movement explores the nature of colonial entanglement, which is also capitalist entanglement – this defined the nature of ‘resources’ and how these were ‘opened up’ through processes of extraction and violence. The third movement looks squarely at the broken faces of modernity. It considers how ordering, value and technology ‘work’ to categorize, separate, measure and name and, by doing so, act to cleave, disequalize, fragment and alienate. The fourth movement explores the double-binds of higher education, entangled in a colonial present, where the doubleness of coloniality (of dispossession and education/welfare; of inclusion and exclusion) bind our efforts in higher education and research. The fifth movement, an interlude, explores the art of visible repair, drawing on artist imaginings of reinventing ‘ways to share publicly and politically’. It pays attention to the need to repair gift economies and relationships, which have been eroded by commodification and competition. The final section recalls the motifs of boundedness and entanglement. It calls for a reparative assembling in the open, to build a community of generosity and repair.
OER19 Conference
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context