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Hynes, Mike and Varley, Tony
Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI) Annual Conference 2019 | Connecting Sociologies
Casual Market Traders, Power and Negotiating Control in a local Market
National University of Ireland Galway
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City and town weekly markets have undergone considerable expansion, both in number and in size, in contemporary Ireland. Certain aspects of the ‘control’ dimension of the work experience of casual traders in a west of Ireland weekly market will be considered in this paper. While issues relating to control of the labour process will be touched on in our discussion, our primary focus will fall on how the traders themselves perceive, and seek to negotiate, their relationship with a local authority whose statutory responsibilities include regulating casual trading conditions in the weekly market. The first of the two research questions we pose considers how the traders themselves perceive the manner the relevant local authority exercises its regulatory responsibilities. The challenge here will be to uncover the senses in which the traders perceive the practice of regulation to be either enabling or constraining of their abilities – both individually and collectively - to build a capacity for control over the specifically state-related trading conditions on which their livelihoods either wholly or partly depend. Using the power literature’s distinction between ‘power to’ and ‘power over’, we will then go on to explore the senses in which the casual traders perceive themselves as having sufficient power to negotiate the existing regulatory regime more to their own advantage.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy