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Paterson, Adrian; Reynier, Christine
E-Rea: Revue électronique d’études sur le monde anglophone
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modernism, narrative, non-fiction,
This special issue of E-rea focuses on the non-fictional prose writings of the modernist period. It brings to the fore essays, diaries, articles, letters, reviews, manifestos, short books, and other non-fictional prose texts by a variety of authors, many familiar, some less familiar, orbiting at different distances from the centre of this phenomenon called “modernism,” and whether travelling centripetally, centrifugally, or aslant all responding in different ways to its gravitational pull. That singular term “modernism” has in scholarly discourse tended to become the plural “modernisms” (Nicholls, Childs). This issue of E-rea embraces and extends this sense of pluralism by its focus on non-fictional prose writing, sometimes a lesser-observed, relatively forgotten cousin when compared to the dominant genres of writing of the period and the enormous (and necessary) scrutiny they continue to attract. Considering together the non-fictional prose texts of modernism explores the way in which these texts make and remake, draft and redraft, construct and deconstruct a series of conflicting and convergent modernisms; it also intimates how reading them anew might affect the current state of the field.
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