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Bourke, S;Clyne, G;Brisken, WF;Muxlow, TWB;Golden, A
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MERLIN Observations of PSR B1951+32 and its associated plerion
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PSR B1951+32 CTB-80
In an investigative 16 hour L-band observation using MERLIN, we have resolved both the pulsar PSR B 1951+32 and structure within the flat spectral radio continuum region, believed to be the synchrotron nebula associated with the interaction of the pulsar and its 'host' supernova remnant CTB 80. The dimensions of the extended structure suggests a sharp bow shaped arc of shocked emission which correlates with similar structure seen in lower resolution radio maps and X-ray images. This is the first time such emission has been detected at similar to 150 mas in the radio. We present the implications of these results and the initial results from a deep follow-up MERLIN observation.
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