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Alexandre, L;Pereiro, I;Bendali, A;Tabnaoui, S;Srbova, J;Bilkova, Z;Deegan, S;Joshi, L;Viovy, JL;Malaquin, L;Dupuy, B;Descroix, S
Fluorescent Proteins, Second Edition
A microfluidic fluidized bed to capture, amplify and detect bacteria from raw samples
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Bacterial contamination and subsequent infections are a major threat to human health. An early detection in the food chain, clinics or the environment, is key to limit this threat. We present a new concept to develop low-cost hand-held devices for the ultra-sensitive and specific detection of bacteria in a one-step process of 2-8h, directly from complex raw samples. This approach is based on a novel microfluidic magnetic fluidized bed. It reaches a 4CFU (colony forming unit) sensitivity with high quantification accuracy in a large dynamic range of 100-10(7)CFU/mL. The versatility of the approach was demonstrated with the detection of different bacteria strains, among which Salmonella Typhimurium and E. coli O157:H15. Additionally, the method is sensitive to infectious bacteria only, a criterion requested by main applications and currently requiring additional culture steps of one to several days.
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