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Power, AM;Merder, J;Browne, P;Freund, JA;Fullbrook, L;Graham, C;Kennedy, RJ;O'Carroll, JPJ;Wieczorek, AM;Johnson, MP
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Field-recorded data on habitat, density, growth and movement of Nephrops norvegicus
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The availability of growth data in N. norvegicus is important for management purposes due to a lack of aging criteria and the commercial importance of fisheries in this species. Growth varies as a function of stock density, hence comparisons of growth rates between stocks at known density is particularly valuable. Growth is also related to starting size in males, making raw data on size-specific growth rates more valuable. Internally injected passive tags allowed us to track the growth of male and female individuals over one or two years. The spatial position of tagged recaptures was recorded to measure site fidelity of tagged releases. A total of 3300 pots were fished and their spatial positions were recorded to enable Catch Per Unit Effort calculations. Similarly, spatially geo-referenced v-notching and notched recovery enables spatially gridded densities to be calculated. Finally, acoustic mapping was carried out both on and off the fishing ground and was ground-truthed with sedimentology from grabs at 22 stations. These data are useful for fisheries and macroecological studies.
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