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Wang, LJ;Liang, T;Ding, LQ;Zhang, CS;Li, CS;Yan, X;Wang, XL
Journal Of Rare Earths
Geochemical characteristics of rare earth elements in sewage discharge channels of Tianjin
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The geochemical features of rare earth elements (REEs) in the North and South sewage discharge channels of Tianjin were studied. The results show that concentrations of dissolved REEs in water of the sewage discharge channels are very low, while concentrations of Eu and heavy REEs are higher than those in natural rivers. Concentrations of REEs in unfiltered water are high and they mainly resided on suspended matter. Distribution patterns of the dissolved and suspended light REEs vary reversely with the atomic number. Concentrations of REEs in the sediments and suspended matter are lower than those in natural rivers, and concentrations of REEs in the suspended matter are much lower than those in the sediments. Distribution patterns of REEs in sediments and suspended matter were similar with light REE enrichment and positive Eu-anomaly. This distribution pattern is different from those of natural rivers. The differences may cause by the large amount of organic pollutants in sewage.
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