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Logue-Kennedy, M;Lyons, R;Carroll, C;Byrne, M;Dignan, E;O'Hagan, L
American Journal Of Audiology
Services for Children With Central Auditory Processing Disorder in the Republic of Ireland: Current and Future Service Provision
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Purpose: An interdisciplinary research group was established to investigate current and future service provision for children with central auditory processing disorder ([C]APD) in the Republic of Ireland. The aim of Phase 1 was to identify current awareness and knowledge of (C) APD among the relevant professionals in Ireland, including level of service provision, if any, available for children with (C) APD. The aim of Phase 2 was to explore the initial steps required to develop an integrated service for children presenting with (C) APD.Method: A quantitative design was used in Phase 1, and 520 surveys were distributed to speech and language therapists, audiologic scientists, and educational psychologists. A qualitative participative design was used in Phase 2.Results: There was a 53% response rate to the survey. The main findings from Phase 1 were that all professional groups considered themselves to be inadequately informed and lacking in skills for (C) APD assessment or intervention. In Phase 2, 98 participants with backgrounds in speech and language therapy, audiologic science, educational psychology, and occupational therapy engaged in interdisciplinary discussions to identify the first steps required to develop a (C) APD service.Conclusion: All professional groups considered that they were inadequately informed about (C) APD, and the first steps required to develop services in Ireland include the promotion and development of interdisciplinary teamwork and education, a need for additional resources, a clearer understanding of the definition of (C) APD, and evidence-based assessment and management of this condition.
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