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Ojo, A;Adebayo, S
Government 3.0 - Next Generation Government Technology Infrastructure And Services: Roadmaps, Enabling Technologies & Challenges
Blockchain as a Next Generation Government Information Infrastructure: A Review of Initiatives in D5 Countries
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Blockchain or distributed ledger technology; a distributed and open data infrastructure enabling secure transactions without centralised trust party on the Internet, is considered to have disruptive potentials comparable to that of the Internet. This technology innovation is driving major strategic and policy actions in several economies around the world and particularly in the Digital 5 (D5) countries which include United Kingdom, United States, Estonia, New Zealand and Israel. This chapter provides some background to the new technology and reviews flagship blockchain related initiatives in the D5 countries. It concludes with recommendations for policymakers on emerging governance topics that require investigation in order to realise the full potentials of blockchain innovation in public administration and the government domain.
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