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Corcoran, P;Cucos, A;Callaly, F
5th RoEduNet IEEE International Conference, Proceedings
A universal home multimedia environment: The unihome network infrastructure
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A software architecture is described which significantly improves the accessability of multiple home appliances on a heterogeneous home network. Methods for aggregating devices into virtual clusters on a local middleware server are described. These metadevices combine the functionalities of multiple devices but are presented to the user as a single device with a single user interface. As practical examples of networked devices are only starting to become available in the marketplace we describe methods to rapidly prototype a number of generic networked devices which conform with the UPnP AN standard. Some practical examples of working AN metadevices are then given. Finally we discuss the matter of fast channel switching and networked "trick plays" using multimedia streams. These separate elements provide us with the core building blocks for a comprehensive and flexible networked home multimedia environment.
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