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Callaly, F;Corcoran, P
5th RoEduNet IEEE International Conference, Proceedings
Integrating bittorrent services into a home A/V network infrastructure
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The integration of Bittorent Services into a Home Networking Infrastructure is described. Support for services based on the bittorrent protocol requires tools for content location, management and scheduling which encourage background downloading of content. These may be located on a home gateway, on a specialized PVR appliance or way be distributed throughout a home network using a virtual "Metadevice" construct to provide high-level service integration. To support external services from ISPs and commercial content providers the standard bittorrent algorithm has been modified to allow client bandwidth and content storage to be managed from a central content server. With this modified protocol individual Home Networks can function as combined broadcast and storage nodes in an Internet-wide distribution system, providing external service providers with a ready-made distribution and storage solution for "long-tail" content.
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