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Blaisdell, J;Kelly, M;Lang, M;Muldoon, K;Toner, J
2014 January
Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on Leadership in Global Business
Embracing "Bring Your Own Device": Balancing the Risks of Security Breaches with the Benefits of Agile Work Practices
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People today have greater access to information than ever previously thought possible, and through the acquisition of knowledge feel, they have more control and certainty in their lives. New usages of IT, the expansion of smart phones and tablets, and the arrival of the Internet generation in the job market now mean that the separation between private life and professional life has become muddled. A challenge for modern organisations is whether to allow employees to use their own devices or attempt to halt this advancing tide. Although there is some disagreement about the drivers and perceived benefits, an increasing number of organisations are beginning to accept the practice of "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD). In view of this emerging trend in the modern workplace, this chapter outlines a number of risk control and mitigation strategies that organisations may consider adopting to address the challenges associated with BYOD that lie ahead.
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