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Rotariu, C;Bigioi, P;Chambers, D;Corcoran, P;Callaly, F
5th RoEduNet IEEE International Conference, Proceedings
Network enabled PnP ECG sensor for monitoring of biomedical signals
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This paper describes the design and implementation of a single-channel, lowcost ECG sensor for home use. ECG monitoring is traditionally done in hospitals as the equipment involved is bulky, difficult to use and expensive for home usage. The presented sensor enables ECG home monitoring as it fulfils a number of criteria related to home usage: safe to use in home enviroment, lightweight, cheap and easy to use.Integration of the device with a tcp/ip network in the home is also described. We provide the user with a very simple means of controlling the device and enable interoperation between this device and other networked home appliances. This network functionality also allows data from the device to be monitored by medical professionals outside of the home.
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