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Zaremba, M;Wall, B;Shen, H
Digital XML-based initiatives in the light of ebXML
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The paper presents a review of the standardisation activities concerning e-business, and focuses especially on the ebXML framework as a means to integrate vertical (supply chain- or business model specific) business XML-based standards. Both private companies and non-profit consortia are trying to define the standards for building a common e-business space. XML is the technology, which combined with business process models, common message structure, and translators mapping data exchanged among different industries, gives solutions to undertake business electronically. In our paper we would like to discuss important specifications and services, which influenced the ebXML initiative, as: RosettaNet [1], BizTalk [2], Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) [3], Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) [4] and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) [5]. ebXML and BizTalk represent frameworks, which are able to integrate the horizontal XML standards, while RosettaNet is an example of an initiative to integrate specific vertical industries. The rest of specifications and services reviewed are relevant to delivery and orchestration of ebXML. We would like to show the relevance of ebXML to the other two frameworks (BizTalk and RosettaNet) developed for e-business integration and the way in which they could create together new age of electronic data interchange. Authors would like also to assess the ability of ebXML to serve as a standard for conducting e-business between Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).
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