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Hynes, Mike and Varley, Tony
Whitaker Institute Research Day
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Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway
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Street markets have existed in Irish towns and cities for centuries and have undergone considerable expansion, both in number and in size, in recent decades. In the modern period street markets tend to be viewed as significant assets in promoting sustainable local food production and small-scale artisanal economic activity, as well as making a distinctive contribution to the cultural vibrancy of the urban environment. Street markets can further be regarded as valued social spaces that reflect and contribute to the diversity of urban life in contemporary Ireland. While Irish farmersí markets have attracted some research and attention from social scientists in the past there is still a dearth of research on the more generic types of street markets. Against this backdrop, this research project focuses on St. Nicholasís street market, whose origins in the heart of the city date back to medieval times. The primary focus in the first phase of the research - currently under way - is on how the traders themselves perceive the market, their place in it, and how they view the manner the local authority exercises its regulatory responsibilities over the market and the individual traders. A second phase will investigate how the local authority views the recent evolution of the St. Nicholasís street market, its current organisation and its further development in the near to medium terms. A third contemplated phase of research will consider the views of consumers who shop in the market, as well as tourists who visit while in the city.
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