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Heavey, SC,Leen, SB,McGarry, JP
International Journal Of Offshore And Polar Engineering
Hydrodynamic Design and Analysis of a Novel Vertical Axis Turbine
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Tidal energy vertical axis turbine blade element momentum model streamtube model
Hydrodynamic blade element momentum analysis of a novel vertical axis tidal turbine with complex spiral blade geometry is presented for design optimisation with respect to turbine power performance. An initial base case design is presented, and the design study examines the effects of rotor height-to-diameter ratio, chord length, blade profile, number of blades, and freestream tidal velocity for identification of the optimal design, with respect to peak power and tip-speed ratio. The streamtube model is validated against experimental data for a Sandia Darrieus wind turbine. The effect of scaling the turbine size is also examined.
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