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Duffy, M. & Heinz, M.
Journal of Teacher Action Research
Developing critical thinking, justification and generalisation skills in mathematics through Socratic questioning
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Socratic questioning, mathematics, justifications, generalisations, action research, initial teacher education, student teacher research
This paper reports on an action research study which explored the impact of Socratic questioning on student learning in a second-level mathematics classroom in Ireland. While students engaged in a higher order mathematical task – the tower problem (Martino and Maher, 1999) – the teacher used Socratic questioning techniques to challenge and support them to justify and generalise the problem as well as their thinking processes and solutions. The results of this study point to strong links between strategic Socratic questioning and students’ involvement in critical thinking, justification and generalisation.
ISSN # 2332-2233
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy