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Mahon, M., Farrell, M., McDonagh, J., Collins, P.
IMAJINE: "Territorial Cohesion: Between Realism and Utopianism"
Paper title: Participatory scenario building imagining spatially just futures.
Harokopio University of Athens, Greece
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This presentation briefly explores participatory scenario building (PSB) in the context of IMAJINE. PSB can be thought about as a conceptual and methodological framework to plan for and manage a spatially just future by first generating alternative plausible visions of that future which push thinking beyond narrowly-informed or conventionally-held assumptions about it. This presentation discusses some of the potential challenges of developing a PSB process and model that will be seen as relevant and applicable by institutional stakeholders who are ultimately best placed to influence and incorporate new thinking on spatial justice at policy and programme level.
Horizon 2020 IMAJINE Project
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy