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McConkey, R. & Hahessy, S.
International Journal of Urological Nursing
Developing the advnaced nursing practice role in non-invasive bladder cancer surveillance in Ireland
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Advanced Practice Bladder Cancer
Advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) roles are continuing to emerge and evolve worldwide, including in the Republic of Ireland. Progress has been influenced by a number of factors which include; affording opportunities for nurses to advance their careers while remaining in clinical practice; health care cost containment; improving access to care; continuity of patient care and due to limits on junior doctors working hours. Confusion related to the definition of the ANP role, a multitude of role titles, what the role entails and what differentiates it from other special- ist roles has impeded its overall development. This has led to difficulties in measuring clinical impact, and leads to conflicting conceptualizations of the role. This article focuses on the appli- cation of two domains of advanced practice as identified by Hutchinson et al. and applies the components of those domains of practice to an emerging advanced practice role in urology. The purpose of the article is to provide a tentative professional development framework for the advanced practice urology nursing role involved in managing a caseload of patients diagnosed with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) focusing on autonomous practice and improving systems of care. These domains of practice are discussed in cognisance of the needs of the population, the demands on the health care organisation and within the defined framework of advanced nursing practice in Ireland.
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