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Mannion, B,McCormack, V,Kennedy, C,Leen, SB,Nash, S
Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part A-Journal Of Power And Energy
An experimental study of a flow-accelerating hydrokinetic device
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Tidal turbine vertical axis flow acceleration variable-pitch power coefficient FREE-SURFACE TURBINE POWER EFFICIENCY DESIGN
Tidal energy researchers and developers use experimental testing of scaled devices as a method of evaluating device performance. Much of the focus to date has been on horizontal axis turbines. This study is focused on a novel vertical axis turbine which incorporates variable-pitch blades and a flow accelerator. The research involves laboratory testing of scale model devices in a recirculating flume. Computational fluid dynamic modelling is used to reproduce the measured flow data to investigate disparities in experimental data. The results show that the device is capable of achieving localised flow acceleration of up to a factor of 2 above the freestream velocity and achieved a mechanical power efficiency of 40%.
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