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Igoe, J., and Holland, D
Irish Academy of Management 2017
Subsidiary Viability and Sustainability in the MedTech Sector in Ireland: The Role of Talent in a time of ‘Unusual Uncertainty
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Subsidiary Talent
The story surrounding the vulnerability and relatedly the sustainability of subsidiaries in a given location is not new, particularly, in a peripheral economy such as Ireland. With renewed focus on the overall ability of location alone to sustain industry, given proposed global policy changes surrounding foreign direct investment taxation and ‘Brexit’, and with unique implications for US high-technology subsidiaries located in Ireland, there is much rhetoric questioning the role of ‘talent’ in sustaining the competitive advantage for these subsidiaries. There is a dearth of evidence as to the true role of talent in ‘tentpegging’ these subsidiaries in a time of ‘unusual uncertainty’. There is a dearth of empirical evidence supporting if and how talent has enabled the evolution and sustainability of subsidiaries in this location. This study will address this gap and answers the question: How does subsidiary talent enable the evolution and sustainability over time of subsidiaries in a given location?
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