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Dr Carmel Devaney
Models of Continuing Professional Development for Social Workers
Tusla, the Child and Family Agency
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The theme of ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) for social work practitioners seems to have been accorded great attention in the social work literature, especially more recently. In particular, a number of influential policy documents have been published in countries such as New Zealand, Britain, Australia and the United States, which outline changes to the CPD system that have been implemented in these countries in recent times. Indeed, the literature on CPD seems to be at a much more advanced stage in other countries when compared to the Irish context. As well as the policy documents, other research work has been published on the challenges of implementing new CPD measures, such as the problems that can occur due to lack of ‘alignment’ between CPD objectives that are advanced by national bodies, and the goals of management on the ground, who are responsible for overseeing implementation (cf. Beddoe 2006, 2009). As well as this, other studies have looked at the practical issues that are experienced by social workers when undertaking different types of CPD training and matters to do with service delivery once CPD is completed (Smith et al. 2006). As a result, this literature review draws principally on this literature from other countries and it does this in order to make suggestions for future research that might be undertaken in Ireland on CPD, which may also inform social work practice.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.29365.52969
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Tuslla, the Child and Family Agency
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