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Catalan, S., Martinez, E., and Wallace, E.
Journal Of Product & Brand Management
Analysing mobile advergaming effectivenes.s: The role of game repetition, flow, and brand familiarity
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This paper seeks to explain the effect of flow, game repetition, and brand familiarity on players’ brand attitude and purchase intention in the context of mobile advergaming. Data from 227 participants who played a mobile advergame was analysed. Structural equation modelling with PLS was used to test the research model. The results reveal that the independent variables (i.e. game repetition and brand familiarity) significantly influence the dependent variables explored in this study (i.e. brand attitude and purchase intentions of players). Results also show that brand familiarity influences players’ flow experience, which in turn significantly affects players’ purchase intentions. The findings of this study are important for advertising practitioners and advergames’ developers as understanding the determinants of mobile advergaming effectiveness is crucial to designing successful advergames that persuade players most. This study contributes to the literature in two ways. First, it provides new insights into the effectiveness of mobile advergames, which is an under-researched area. Second, it offers empirical evidence of the effects of game repetition, flow, and brand familiarity on mobile advergaming effectiveness.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy