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Brendan Flynn
2018 December
The Impact of the Economic Crisis on European Environmental Policy
Irish Environmental Policy After the Economic Crisis: More of the Same but with Less?,
Oxford University Press
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environmental policy; economic crisis; Irish environmental policy; EU environmental policy
This chapter examines whether Ireland’s sudden economic recession over the years 2008–13 has led to disruption of Irish environmental policy activity. The somewhat counter-intuitive answer offered here is that Irish environmental policy activity has remained resilient. No obvious environmental policy dismantling has occurred, although it should be borne in mind that Ireland was never an environmental pioneer state to begin with. Irish authorities have merely persevered with a relatively average level of environmental policy ambition. None of this is to say that the economic crisis from 2008 to 2013 was without any impact on Irish environmental policy. Indeed, this chapter argues that subtle trends are evident, such as a shift towards softer transport infrastructure investments and a more permissive space for green taxes. The two explanations put forward here to account for Irish environmental policy activity are the European Union’s role in producing outputs that national governments must transpose, and the political impact of small Green parties in government.
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Environment, Marine and Energy