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Mc Morrow, L,O' Hara, MC,Hynes, L,Cunningham, A,Caulfield, A,Duffy, C,Keighron, C,Mullins, M,Long, M,Walsh, D,Byrne, M,Kennelly, B,Gillespie, P,Dinneen, SF,Doherty, E,D1 Now Study Grp
Diabetic Medicine
The preferences of young adults with Type 1 diabetes at clinics using a discrete choice experiment approach: the D1 Now Study
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Aim Attending routine outpatient clinic appointments is a central self-management behaviour of individuals living with Type 1 diabetes. A large number of young adults with Type 1 diabetes disengage from diabetes services, which may contribute to poor psychosocial and diabetes outcomes. The aim of this study is to elicit preferences from young adults with Type 1 diabetes regarding clinic-related services to inform service delivery. Methods A discrete choice experiment was developed to understand the preferences of young adults with Type 1 diabetes for clinic-related services. Results Young adults recruited from young adult Type 1 diabetes clinics in 2016 completed the experiment (n = 105). Young adults with Type 1 diabetes showed a preference for shorter waiting times, seeing a nurse and a consultant, relative to a nurse alone, and a flexible booking system compared with fixed appointment times. Results suggest no preference for a nurse and a doctor, relative to a nurse alone, or other optional services (e.g. seeing dietitians or psychologists), type of HbA(1c) test and digital blood glucose diaries over paper-based diaries. Conclusion What's new? ? This study highlights aspects of routine clinic appointments that are valued by young adults living with Type 1 diabetes, namely shorter waiting times at clinic, the option to see both a nurse and consultant at each visit and a flexible clinic appointment booking system. These findings suggest young adults with Type 1 diabetes value convenience and should help services to restructure their clinics to be more responsive to the needs of young adults.
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