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Hennessy, Marita; Cullerton, Katherine; Baker, Phil; Brown, Amy; Crawley, Helen; Hayes, Catherine; Kearney, Patricia M; Kelly, Colette; McKee, Martin; Mialon, Melissa; Petticrew, Mark; Rundall, Patti; Trickey, Heather; White, Martin; Redsell, Sarah
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Time for complete transparency about conflicts of interest in public health nutrition research [version 2; referees: 2 approved]
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We are a group of researchers and academics with decades of experience in the protection and promotion of public health. We are writing to raise our concerns about how conflicts of interest are reported in public health nutrition research. We highlight examples of why it is important to accurately declare such conflicts, as well as providing examples of situations in which conflicts of interest have been inadequately reported. We call on researchers, and others, to be transparent about conflicts of interest in research. Journal editors in particular have an important responsibility in fully understanding how conflicts of interest can impact on research findings. They need to agree and adopt clear guidelines on conflicts of interest and ensure that authors abide by these to facilitate trust in the scientific process and the credibility of published articles.
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