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Zhang, CL,Ren, SY,Cheng, HD,Zhang, WP,Ma, JH,Zhang, CS,Guo, ZY
Chemical Speciation And Bioavailability
Thallium pollution and potential ecological risk in the vicinity of coal mines in Henan Province, China
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Coal mines TI potential ecological risk HEAVY-METALS HEALTH
This study was aimed to analyze the thallium pollution and assess the potential ecological risks in the vicinity of coal mines in Henan province, China. We studied 90 surface farmland soil samples from 9 representative coal mines. The TI concentrations were determined and the potential ecological risks were evaluated. Investigations revealed the farmland soils were modestly contaminated and the trace elements in coal mining areas transferred to the surface soils. Soil TI contents and potential ecological risks in coal mining areas were significantly increased compared with the original soils which came from the villagers' mud houses built 40 years ago. The soil TI concentrations ranged from 0.25 to 0.77(mean = 0.46), which were higher than the original level (0.42 The potential ecological risk index of TI ranged from 24.00 to 73.2 (mean 44.08), representing a moderate pollution level as a whole of the soils in Henan. In general, high TI concentrations and high potential ecological risk were found around SHQ and DTG. The soil TI concentrations exceed the original level and pose noticeable ecological risks.
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