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Mandatory Fields
Anne Karhio
2018 Unknown
Representations of Loss in Irish Literature
Lost? Technology and Place in Recent Irish Poetry
Palgrave MacMillan
Houndmills, Basingstoke
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Irish poetry; poetry and place; digital media; culture and technology
The essay examines the work of a selection of contemporary Irish poets, and focus on the relationship between media technology and place in their writing. While technology as a marker of modernity has repeatedly been considered as an agent of (or metaphor for) cultural discontinuity and the loss of tradition, and as eroding a personal as well as shared connection with place, the essay argues that Irish poetry’s responses to recent developments in media technology in particular have been much more complex. The discussion will explore the work of a number of authors including Moya Cannon, Alan Gillis, Paula Meehan and Peter Sirr to demonstrate how the role of technology is understood in diverse and often conflicting ways, depending on context: poets’ engagement with technology varies between concerns with technological control and alienation on the one hand, and, on the other, a curiosity of the new forms of mediation that we adopt to communicate our place in the world. Consequently, our understanding of the concept of “place” may need to be recalibrated to acknowledge how first-hand experience is not necessarily a victim of digital technologies, for example, and that the thematic and aesthetic potential of these media can also be adopted for a renewed sense of agency in poetry, and beyond.
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