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Anne Karhio
‘Slight Return’: Paul Muldoon’s Poetics of Place
Peter Lang
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien
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Paul Muldoon; Irish poetry; place and space
This volume examines the relationship between poetic language and place in the work of Paul Muldoon. Through a close reading of the formal and stylistic aspects of his poems, the book explores the question of how poetry as an art form can be engaged to map the complex exchanges between language and the material, phenomenal, personal and social dimensions of our sense of place. In particular, it demonstrates how various forms of repetition and return, in language and memory, are crucial to Muldoon’s approach to place and landscape. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of the poet’s work: the naming of place; the genre of the long poem; poetry, music and nostalgia; and, finally, the place of poetry in the information age.
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Grant-in-Aid of Publication Fund, NUI Galway
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