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Anna Bottiglieri ; Adnan Elahi ; Atif Shahzad ; Padraig T Donlon ; Michael C Dennedy ; Martin O’Halloran
2018 EMF-Med 1st World Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF-Med)
Experimental evaluation of the effective ablation zone on ex-vivo bovine liver samples
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Microwave thermal ablation is under investigation for minimally invasive treatments. In the cases of small targets, such as adrenal glands, microwave thermal ablation is a valuable alternative to the traditional and more invasive treatments (e.g. surgical procedures, pharmaceutical therapies). In this work, ablation treatments are carried out on ex-vivo liver samples using a custom developed microwave ablation applicator for ablation of small targets. Ablation zones achieved with different treatment settings are analysed. The power and time settings suitable to achieve a small and well controlled ablation zone, are evaluated. Moreover, the temperature increase in different regions of the area under treatment is assessed.
European Research Council
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ERC grant agreement n.637780 and ERC PoC Grant REALTA n.754308.
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Biomedical Science and Engineering