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Song, H,Bai, Z,Zhang, H,Niu, Y,Leen, SB
Fatigue & Fracture Of Engineering Materials & Structures
Effect of pre-corrosion on damage evolution and crack propagation in aluminum alloy 7050-T7651
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aluminum alloy crack propagation damage evolution digital image correlation localized corrosion PITTING CORROSION FATIGUE BEHAVIOR INITIATION STRESS GROWTH PIT MODEL TEMPERATURE TRANSITION CONSTANT
This paper investigates the effects of pre-corrosion on the tensile behavior of aluminum alloy 7050-T7651. A combined experimental approach involving digital image correlation, scanning electron microscopy, and tensile testing is presented for quantitative and qualitative analysis. A tensile damage model is presented for plasticity-induced, post-corrosion mechanical damage for interpretation and identification of damage and cracking thresholds. Although multiple corrosion-induced cracks evolve simultaneously in diffuse regions, propagation and coalescence of the main cracks, originating from key damage regions, dominate the failure process. A combined corrosion and mechanical damage model was used to successfully predict the effects of pre-corrosion on the tensile stress-strain response.Highlightscenter dot Full-field macro-microscale characterization of tensile damage and cracking for aluminum alloy using digital image correlation, scanning electron microscopy, and tensile dot Corrosion-plasticity damage mechanics model for effects of dot Identification of post-corrosion evolution of damage, strain, micro-cracking initiation, and coalescence, as well as crack orientation and dot Multiple diffuse cracks evolve simultaneously, but propagation-coalescence of main cracks in key damage regions dominates failure process.
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