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Attracta Brennan, Mary Dempsey, Lorna Farren, Ruth Hynes, Martina Kelly, Geraldine Marley, Marguerita MCGovern, Fionn O'Sealbhaigh, Natalie Walsh,
Innovation at Play
Experiential learning symposium focused on exploring play for the purpose of innovation
NUI Galway
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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NUI Galway, in partnership with Blackstone LaunchPad hosted its inaugural Innovation at Play Symposium on the 26th October 2017. The one day experiential learning symposium focused on exploring play for the purpose of innovation and featured a spellbinding one woman live interactive performance, Ada.Ada.Ada that told the story of Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron and the world’s first computer programmer, using an LED dress and wearable technology. Through a series of talks, workshops, performances and discussions the symposium created a time-out for people to pause, reflect and play, and to think about how study and work can be enhanced by being more open to all forms of innovation. The Innovation at Play symposium welcomed industry partners, professionals and NUI Galway staff and students, and through the workshops encouraged participants to explore how the spirit of innovation can be nurtured through playful methodologies. The workshops included Creativity Through Mask Making, Innovation Through Lego Serious Play, Story Telling Through Sound and Innovation through Performance. The symposium was organised by a multi-disciplinary team, bringing together colleagues from engineering, IT, arts, Blackstone LaunchPad, CELT, Youth Academy, Student Recruitment and Marketing & Communications.
Blackstone LaunchPad and NUI,Galway
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