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Tawalbeh, M; Riedel, R; Dempsey, M; Emanuel, C
5th European Lean Educator Conference
Lego® Serious Play® as a Business Innovation enabler
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LSP, Business Innovation, Serious Games
Improvements in innovation and quality processes can be achieved through the use of novel approaches such as LSP, which enables abstract thinking and advocates an open-mind for unconventional solutions. Within the scope of business processes and structures, the LSP methodology enables collaborative reflection on both single and complex procedures (regardless of rank) in the form of a ‘thinking space’ based on a flat hierarchy. The employment of total engagement using games and virtual worlds are used to change the working world and businesses activities. The collaborative nature of the work necessary for creating a Lego model establishes a shared comprehension of a certain problem or issue. Hence, LSP is found to be a suitable methodology for identifying improvements by delineating the actual situation and procedures in the business structure. These initial steps involve the development of learning and comprehension of the current system through consideration of varying stakeholders’ perspectives and understanding of the challenges associated with the existing conditions and structures. LSP acts as a learning enabler by creating clarity and support mechanisms for innovation developments and improvement. In this paper, the authors present how the LSP method can enable Business Innovation based on case studies from the authors’ own experience in industry. Therefore, the participants compose two different target groups – either a mixed group consisting of employees from different SME respectively multipliers or a group of employees from one enterprise. The group composition and the participants’ background influence the LSP workshop related to structure, procedure and results. Conditions, challenges and factors for successful LSP workshops are evaluated.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Biomedical Science and Engineering, Environment, Marine and Energy, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences