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Collins, P, Murtagh A & Cunningham, J
International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries
The geography of the creative economy in Europe’s northern periphery: A case study from the west of Ireland
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Creative sector, place, peripheral regions, spatial patterns, policy, west of Ireland.
Studies relating to the creative economy can have an urban focus. However the creative economy is active in peripheral and rural places. Set in the context of a globally expanding creative economy, heavily influenced by the digital age, we explore a case study assessing the extent and nature of the creative economy Ireland’s western region. Our findings provide evidence of a significant creative sector in this region, sharing traits with how rural creative industries have been characterised in terms of the active role of place. The western region’s creative sector also differs from rural creative sector characterisations. We identify a diverse sector, composed of more traditional sub-sectors such as craft, but also digital and technologically driven creative sub-sectors. The evidence indicates a creative sector with complex spatial and socio-economic dynamics exists in this region. Finally, we also consider the implications of our findings for regional creative sector development.
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Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy