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Collins, P, Cawley, M, Mullligan, E
International Journal of Event and Festival Management
Business impacts of event hosting: evidence from the Volvo Ocean Race Finale in Galway 2012
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Event management, Business leveraging, Spatial impacts, Volvo ocean race
This paper sets out to contribute to the growing literature analysing the broader impacts of event hosting. The purpose of this paper is twofold: the first is to add to the growing literature concerned with the spatial impact of immediate (economic) impacts on host locations; the second, in line with the dynamic element introduced by Chalip (2004), is to identify the implications for business leveraging of mega events in the more medium term. The authors find that the aspirations to spread the benefits of hosting ultimately proved unsuccessful. Key to this is the power held by global event organisers relative to local organisers. The authors also identify a degree of mismanagement and a lack of adequate support for the organisation of leveraging activities. The authors note a unique geography of impact that does not follow a linear path of decrease from the event site.
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