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Kurt, I; Aymelek, M; Boulougouris, E; Turan, O
International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) 2015 Conference
A Container Transport Network Analysis Study on the Offshore Port System Case of West North America Coast
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Liner Shipping, Offshore Container Port, Network Analysis, Hub Ports, Feeder Services
The paper introduces an offshore container port concept on the container network between the Asia and West Coast North America. The network model has been set up among a set of 10 ports which are servicing the regional demand for container transportation. Two of them are assigned as offshore hub ports and the remainder are spoke ports. Ports in Canada, United States and Mexico are considered, together with ports in Asia as the origins of the containers. In this paper, an analysis of the total cost minimization is presented by taking into consideration the bunker costs arising from transportation and transshipment for both westbound and eastbound containers. The model consist of various decision variables and constraints, but due to data unavailability, some assumptions and limitations are inevitable. The results reveal the level of contribution of the offshore container port concept to the applied liner shipping networks.
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Turkish Government
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy