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Aymelek, M; Boulougouris, E; Turan,O; Konovessis, D
2015 Unknown
Maritime Technology and Engineering
Challenges and opportunities for LNG as a ship fuel source and an application to bunkering network optimisation
CRC Press- Taylor and Francis Group
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LNG Bunkering, Shipping Emissions, Multi-objective Optimisation
In this research paper we aim to establish a system approach framework to contribute to a better holistic comprehending of the utilisation of the LNG as a marine fuel source for deep sea container ships operating on the main liner shipping routes. We briefly touch on outlines of price and emission opportunities, as well as operational and safety challenges, and system adaptation stages of the LNG bunkering for container shipping. We demonstrate an LNG fuelled global marine container transport network model in order to meet requirements of bunkering operations, fleet utilisation and marine container transportation demand. Outcomes of this research assist to the further developments of the LNG bunkering based liner service operational strategies of the container ship operators.
ISBN 978-1-138-02727-5
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Turkish Government
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Environment, Marine and Energy