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Aymelek, M; Kurt, I; Boulougouris, E; Turan, O
International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) 2015 Conference
A Hybrid Multi Criteria Decision Making-Game Theory Methodology to Analyse Port Competition in Izmir
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port competition, MCDA, game theory, Izmir ports, port choice, HPCAM.
The port competition appears based on various dynamics between the container port terminals serving to collided hinterlands. In Izmir province of Turkey, three active container ports and two planned port investments are foreseen to serve to shared hinterland in the near future. The methodological approach of this study aims to generate a Hybrid Port Competition Analysis Model (HPCAM) to apply on the port competition dynamics in Izmir with its different aspects. The HPCAM is divided in two methodological stages. The first stage is the application of Multi Attribute Value Analysis (MAVA) of the decision science in order to determine competitiveness of the given port alternatives from hinterland and shipping liner perspectives. The second stage is the development of a non-cooperative zero-sum game concept to apply on the port competition regarding to inter-port competition strategy pay offs. Integration and comparison of the both methodological approaches by HPCAM present valuable findings to measure competitiveness levels of the container ports. This study is expected to provide a clear holistic comprehension about the underlying dynamics of the port competition for all counter parties involved in container transport operations.It is also believed that outcomes may contribute to future business development strategies of the port operators.
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Turkish Government
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy