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Canbulat, O; Aymelek, M; Kurt, I; Turan, O; Koldemir, B
International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) 2015 Conference
Green Sustainable Performance Comparison of the Three Biggest Container Terminals in Turkey
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Green container terminal, performance criteria, environmental sustainability, MAVA
While sustainable and green port criteria are widely mentioned in the existing literature, there is still a research gap to focus specifically on the container terminals. Furthermore, the concept of green container terminal is a new application for Turkey. This research work explores the new concept and utilises the three biggest container terminals of Turkey handling over a million TEU as case study. The purpose of this research is to enhance our understanding on environmental practices in the green container terminal operations.In this research, a framework is developed to analyse the green sustainable performance of the three biggest container terminals, namely Marport, Mersin International Port and Kumport, in Turkey. In order to make a reliable green sustainable port performance comparison of these container terminal alternatives,a Multi Attribute Value Analysis (MAVA),is applied on the selected case study. According to value tree of the green sustainable terminal comparison model, three main criteria are determined as pollution, energy and habitat deformation.In consideration of the obtained performance scale and decision weight data,it would be possible to get results of the best container terminal alternative in terms of the green sustainable terminal performance.
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Turkish Government
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy